The gospels testifies about Jesus and His works everywhere He went. Jesus made the most of every opportunity He had on earth by reaching out to every tribe and language with the good news of the kingdom. The early church, together with the Apostles, in a similar manner passionately preached the gospel to their world even in the midst of intense persecution.

The history of The Church of Pentecost has it that, Ps. James McKeown and other founding fathers, committed themselves to the fulfilment of the Great Commission in their days. Leadership after them also committed themselves to the fulfilment of the Great Commission. Today, The Church of Pentecost is present in over 135 countries. If we can penetrate every city, town, village and take over the nations for Christ, you and I must realise what are Christ’s Ambassadors, and work harder to reconcile the world back to Christ by preaching the whole Gospel.

Social media evangelism is now the new frontline of evangelism as far as engaging the world with the gospel is concerned. In the comfort of your room, you can share the Gospel with thousands of people scattered across the world with a click of the button. We should not take this rare opportunity for granted, for we have no excuse to fail God!