As part of equipping the militant church, yesterday, we began looking at the whole armour of God. Today, we’re looking at two other parts of the armour. These are the footwear/shoes and the shield. In a general sense, good footwear protects your feet from thorns, rocks, and insects. It gives you the confidence to stand, walk and run without concerning yourself with what is on the ground because you know you are protected. The shield also gives protection from objects that are thrown at the warrior.

For the Christian soldier, the shoes signify the message of the gospel of peace. When a believer comes to Christ, he has peace with God. Having this knowledge helps in overcoming the deceits of the devil. The devil plays on the ignorance of Christians by letting them feel even after coming to Christ, God still holds their previous sins against them. However, God reconciled us to Himself immediately after we made a decision to follow Him. That notwithstanding, we must not entertain sin in our lives to remain in constant fellowship with Him. In addition, as Christ’s ambassadors, there is the need to share the gospel of the message of peace/reconciliation with others so that they can also partake in the benefits we have received.

Also, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and upon His promises/word serves as a shield that protects us from the attacks of the enemy. The shield of the Roman soldier was big enough to protect his whole being. In the same vein, our faith in Christ Jesus serves to assure protection for the believer.

Beloved, as we have begun a new year, don’t let your faith be shaken. Trust in the Lord and rest upon His promises. Let your life also be a demonstration of one who has received this gospel of peace. Don’t keep mute. Share this message with others.