From verse four of above text, “When the set time had fully come,” that is when the time was just right, God sent Jesus to earth to die for our sins. For centuries the Jews had been wondering when the Messiah would come. But God’s timing was perfect. Timing is important. The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that “There is time for everything under heavens”. The secret to peace with God is to discover, accept and appreciate God’s perfect timing. The birth of Christ was according to God’s timing because he was born to fulfil purpose – salvation of mankind.

We may sometimes wonder if God will ever respond to our prayers. The danger is to doubt or resent God’s timing. This can lead to despair, rebellion or moving ahead without advice. But we must never doubt him or give up hope. At the right time he will respond. Are you waiting for God’s timing? Trust his judgment and trust that he has your best interests in mind.

Jesus was born of a woman. He was human. He was born as a Jew – he was subject to God’s laws and fulfilled it perfectly. Under Roman law, an adopted child was guaranteed all legal rights to his father’s property even if he was formerly a slave. He was a second class son; he was equal to all other sons, biological or adopted, in his father’s family. Abba is an Aramaic word for father. It was used by Christ in His prayer in Mark 14:36. As adopted children of God, we share with Jesus all rights to God’s resources. As God’s heirs, we can claim what he has provided for us – our full identity as his children as stated in Romans 8:15-17.

If you are reading this today and you have not believed in Jesus to lead you to repentance, why not repent and believe now. Repent and believe in Jesus – this is the true meaning of Christmas.