One key thing that is indispensable in our daily walk as Christians is the mark of integrity. What motivates you to do what you do? In fact, every step we take in this life has an aspect of integrity to prove. Job proved to both God and the Devil that his actions were not motivated by ulterior motives but by genuine love for God. He knew what he was about and not even his wife could change his stance (see Job 2:9). His ability to stand for God and his beliefs regardless of the unfavourable circumstance was a test of true integrity. Will you remain a true practicing Christian when your situation no longer supports good Christian living? The truth is that the decision to either say yes or no and to be consistent in that respect is the integrity test every believer must of a necessity pass. Integrity is a guiding principle that will save you from disgrace and shame as well as shield you from all evil attacks. Never forget that what you compromise today will give you out tomorrow.


Your spiritual integrity, moral integrity, sexual integrity, financial integrity, leadership integrity and personal integrity among others are areas you must constantly be on the look-out for. If you fail even in one area, it is enough for the enemy to attack you. (see 1 Peter 5:8)