EXPOSITION: The sword of the Spirit is an important part of the armour of God, intended to be used both offensively and defensively by Christians. In ancient Rome, the soldier used the sword as an offensive weapon against enemies and as a defensive weapon to deflect attacks by an opponent. So also is the word of God valuable in fighting spiritual foes and quelling spiritual attacks. With reference to Jesus’ encounter with the devil in the wilderness, He was tempted in three areas but emerged victorious with the word of God.

 Jesus was tempted to turn a stone into bread (lust of the flesh), bow to Satan and be given the whole world (possession and power) and to throw himself down from the highest pinnacle to demonstrate He is the Son of God (pride). In today’s study, we will discuss how we can demolish strongholds with the sword of the Spirit as Jesus did.

 The devil’s temptations focused on three crucial areas: physical needs and desire, pride of life and possession and power. Jesus was able to resist all because He did not only know Scripture, but also applied it rightly. As a defensive weapon, the Word gives us strength and courage to face any situation we are confronted with in order to overcome. The word of God helps us to know the character of the enemy and how he operates.

 It also helps us to know and understand the ground on which we stand, and the protection and privileges at our disposal. As a result, the Christian sees through the devil’s tricks, and with the sword of the Spirit, strikes when the need arises.