Scripture admonishes believers and for that matter all people to work diligently with their hands. Laziness is abhorred by God. To be successful in life, you need to work hard. This is a Biblical principle. Many young people desire to be wealthy but do not want to work. They prefer to indulge in get-rich schemes other than committing themselves to work with their hands. No matter where you find yourself, you can engage yourself in some economic activity. Work gives you a sense of respect and dignity, as you do not become a burden on others. Students should learn to obey rules and regulations on campus. Do not cheat in the exam room and learn to write your project essay yourself.

If you are an employee, whether in the public or private sector, you must be committed to duty. Obey the rules and regulations governing your work. Do not report to work late, do not use working hours for personal businesses, etc. You must also learn to live at peace with your superiors, subordinates and colleagues.

Employers and superiors at the workplace must also treat subordinates with respect and dignity. Do not trample on the rights of others. Let Christ be seen in your attitude towards subordinates. Finally, don’t seek a reward or bribe from someone before you perform your duties. This does not reflect Christ and is not the lifestyle of the ambassador.