The Preacher admonishes the young person to take a critical decision

during his/her youth. He or she is to ‘remember his or her Creator’ during this stage of life. Failure to do so, will lead to consequences in the latter days, which the Bible refers to as evil days. Thus, failure to take the critical decision to ‘remember’ God in one’s youth will lead to regrets.

Healthy personal development requires that we learn to avoid taking hasty and immoral decisions in life since our decisions have repercussions. Life is in three stages – learning (formal/informal), working, and retiring years. The young person falls within the learning and working years. The three stages of life are however so interconnected that failure to take the right decisions in one affects the other stages. In light of this, care must be taken in the choices and decisions one makes with the course of study, type of work one engages in and the relationships one enters into.

One’s retiring years could be said to be an acid test of how well or bad his/her learning and working years were used in quality decisions. This is the time to develop yourself holistically against the emanating ‘evil day’.