Today’s reading shows that music has a positive impact on individuals and the society at large. The verse 16 and 23 of the scripture tells us that music had been the cure of a disease caused by evil spirit.

The servants of King Saul were fully convinced that if they got someone who could play the lyre, he would play it to relief the King anytime the evil spirit from God attacked him. What a remarkable recommendation!

It was embarrassing for the King of Israel to be sick of an evil spirit. They needed a doctor to be by the King all the time. Here, music was used as a medicine. It provided relief for both the King and his attendants, because they were always worried and pressured anytime the evil spirit tormented the king.

David and his music provided comfort to both the King and his servants which brought peace in the King’s palace. When David played his harp for Saul, Saul became “refreshed.”

If anointed music from the Lord can totally refresh a tormented soul like King Saul, then it can refresh you too. It also made Saul “well.” It brought him back into a good state of mind where he should have been with the Lord.

Trials in life can knock you out of your positive state of mind. Anointed Christian music can help lift you out of any bad mood. The distressing spirit could not stand anointed music and so departed from Saul once David started to play.

In conclusion, let us take Spirit-inspired music very seriously because it has the power to heal the sick; it has the power to transform lives; it has the power to impart spiritual gifts, and finally it has the power to give you access into the King’s yard.