This week we shall examine some themes in the book of Jude with special reference to the characteristics of these apostates and false teachers’ doctrines which were propagated. We shall also look at how to overcome them and consolidate the gains of victory wrought through the finished work of Jesus.

Although Jude was a bother to James and by extension a half brother to Jesus in his earthly relations, he rather preferred to be known as a bondservant to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jude wrote this short epistle to warn the believers about the apostates who had maneuvered their way into God’s family.

He, however, assured them of God’s mercies, love, and peace which can keep the Christians in the face of the sinful atmosphere they found themselves in. God’s mercy would sustain them in times of difficulty (Heb 4:16); His peace would give an inner calmness when evil abounds (Rom. 15:13; Phil. 4:7) and finally His love would protect and assure the believers in the face of peril.


Christians must therefore be filled with praise and thanks to God as they acknowledge the mercies, love, and peace they have with God. They must know that by relying on the finished work of the cross and trusting His word they have both the peace of God and peace with God.  A right understanding of this is the beginning of their resistance to the apostates and their false teachings.