Salvation is free for all. It is a gift of God for all men. God wants everyone to receive this gift. Whoever is willing to receive this gift of salvation will not be denied.

Salvation has become necessary because all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and we have all become like sheep, going astray (Isaiah 53:5) because of our sins. We cannot save ourselves and so we need to receive of God’s saving grace.

To obtain this great salvation given us, one must follow the right path. This path is Jesus because He is God’s only approved way to salvation. John 3:16 tells of God’s love and how He gave Jesus for us to be saved. If we don’t come to Jesus, we cannot obtain it.

So to be saved, we must follow what the word of God says in Romans 10:9-10. We must first accept that we are sinners, believe that Jesus died for our sins and then confess our sins to Him and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour.