Almost every aspect of human life can be influenced by songs because humans are naturally musical. Music has always been a part of Christian worship. It was divinely instituted by God because He is The God of music and He instructs us to work and worship musically.

Music is the best-understood language among humans and so Apostle Paul admonishes the church to speak to one another in psalms, hymns, spiritual songs and also to make melody in their hearts to God.

Singing in the life of a Christian is a holistic weapon because it serves both Divinity and humanity. Through songs, some are encouraged, others are healed, many are comforted, some are also inspired to do good works, people are rebuked and corrected, still many are taught lots of lessons and principles for living.

Apostle Paul again in the same Ephesians 5 shows us that we can still address God through the use of songs. According to him, we should sing and make melody/music or sing in our hearts specifically to the Lord. This teaching corroborated what Moses and the Israelites expressed in Exodus 15: 1-2. Thus, from the teaching of Paul and Moses, we understand that it is significant for us to sing to the Lord.

In Conclusion, we should admit that songs are prominent in the worship of God and we cannot do away with them. However, music should not be manipulated to achieve unbiblical objectives. The light of the word of God must inform our musical practices.