Today, we will delve into how the nature of God contradicts the nature of sport betting. Also, we will look at how impossible it is that betting comes from heaven (i.e. from God).

From James 1:17, the Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God. This means that everything that comes from God has a track record of consistency in producing good and perfect (flawless and without error) results. The consistency in producing good and perfect results is the attestation that they hail from heaven. However, betting does not have this attribute. It can be good today and bad tomorrow. Its workings are not perfect, since it can make a man smile today and plan suicide tomorrow. Its imperfection and inability to be good to man continually shows that it is not from God. And anything that does not come from God cannot be neutral either (let the reader judge with understanding).

Our main text also reveals the unchanging nature of God, just as He says in Malachi 3:6. God does not change nor cause darkness by turning. By the vacillations of betting, it turns good in an instance, and later disappoints (it changes in its delivery). How can an unchanging God who causes no darkness by turning be the source and proponent of a system that vacillates, putting some lives in danger because of bankruptcy? The inconsistencies that come with the betting system exposes it as not being from God. Every divine entity should have a possibility to fit in the dealings and nature of God.