Everything Jesus is and carries is in His name. His purpose on earth is even defined in His name. The name of Jesus has power. The Son of God bears a name that is “highly exalted above” all other names “that at the mention of the name Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth”. The name Jesus is above everything that has a name. This name was prophesied or given before the Saviour was born.

Apostle Paul in this epistle gives us a lead into why the name Jesus is above all other names. He teaches that the humility of Christ gives him this exaltation. Humility has a way of blessing our lives in inexplicable ways. From the scripture, Christ, who is God descending into the world from glorious heaven and taking on the form of man, is humble. It takes humility for a high-profile person to come to the level of people far below his pedigree and relate with them. But Jesus did just that. It is just like the springboard of an Olympic diver, the more you descend on the springboard, the higher you ascend. We cannot ascend to heights of supremacy in this life without humility. This humility is what the name Jesus teaches us.

The prophets prophesied in His name and said “Thus says the Lord”. Jesus came and said “I am” and the disciples said “In the name of Jesus”. The exalted name is a weapon for the believer so we do everything in His name. It is the master key! We pray in his name, there is authority in the name, healing and many others. God wants His people never to take His name in vain, but to honour it. It is a strong tower that the righteous run into and they are saved – a refuge. What a name!