EXPOSITION: Every agency has a mission for their establishment. Their mission statements give the reasons for their existence. The Church, instituted by Christ, also has a mission which flows directly from the mission of God. The mission of God (Missio Dei) is to redeem His creation through Jesus Christ so that His glory will fill the whole world. Thus, the Church exists as an agency of God to mobilise an army to fulfil this mission.

After His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ, the Commander of God’s army (the Church), charged the followers to disciple the nations with His values, principles and teachings (becoming His disciples). They were to do this until every sphere of society or nation submitted to His authority as Lord. In this study, we will focus on how the mission of the church in these contemporary times can be pursued.

The Church’s mission is the Great Commission. It is making all nations disciples of Christ through evangelising, baptising and teaching. By so doing, the Church as an army is fulfilling God’s mission to redeem His creation through Jesus Christ. In this way, the glory of Jesus Christ will fill the whole world. The Church must engage in discipleship through all forms of evangelism, teaching, mentorship, etc. to effectively make all the nations disciples of Christ. Though we face challenges which at times keep us from obeying the charge of our Commander, we must intentionally make every effort to overcome them.