After the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in Acts 2 and the subsequent empowerment of the believers, we are told in chapter 6 that the believers began to “rapidly multiply”. However, the Church encounters a problem; there is discontent among the believers and accusations of discrimination in terms of food distribution.

The Apostles needed time away from food distribution and other kinds of services so that they could concentrate on the “ministry of prayer and the word”. As a result, the need arises to find people who would see to the appropriate and fair distribution of the food in order to bring decorum to the Church of God. As was in the case of the selection of Solomon’s men as we saw on Monday, the selection of these servers also came with a criterion. They were to be men who were well respected, full of the spirit and wisdom.

While it is tempting to flinch at the idea of serving food in comparison to the Apostles’ service of the word and prayer, it is important to note that the serving of the food was as equally important as the serving of the Word. Without the former, the latter could not thrive.

The Word “ministry” as used by the Apostles in the Greek language is essentially the same word used for “serving tables”. In other words, the Apostles considered food service as much ministry as the service of the Word. Whichever way you look at it, the term ministry always come back to the same word – service.

God has specially designed each of us to function in ways that bring purpose and significance. He has equipped us with a unique calling to play specific roles in making disciples for His kingdom. Our roles may not necessarily be to preach the word in the pulpit but to serve the Church in whatever other capacities we can. What are you currently doing for the Lord and His Church? Identify yourself with something in the Lord’s house today.