Commitment is the trait of sincerity and focused purpose or being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action. Total commitment is giving your 100% to God irrespective of what life presents. It simply means preparedness to die for a course, for a person which you are passionate about (Acts 4:17-20).

Total commitment is non-negotiable in the Christian walk. Giving a part of you to God and the world is impossible and would not help you any further. Many at times, we think when we withhold our commitment to God we are being smart. No! Whenever we miss total commitment, we miss the purpose for which God has launched us and what we have being called to achieve.

Jesus Christ demands and commands commitment. You must make a solid decision of committing your time, money, talents, and gifts to God absolutely (Acts 4:33-35). Do not be a partial believer. Without commitment our Christian journey cannot be effective. Peter and John got to the point where they did not care much about their lives. The early church died for what they believed in, what about you? We have a lot of Christians today who use many things as an excuse not to be involved in the activities of the church, but commitment requires discipline and absolute dedication. We must therefore not allow anything to cause us to give up on God (Romans 8:35, 38). Stand for your convictions and daily renew your commitment to God.