The people in Antioch called the disciples Christians because they identified them with Christ. The Greek word for Christian is christianos which implies a follower of Christ or a person of the party of Christ. When an individual belongs to a party it can be seen in their talk, dressing and pledge of allegiance. That individual doesn’t struggle to be known. If we truly belong to Christ, then we must fully reflect Him in all our ways. Christlikeness is living and showing forth the character and nature of Christ in everything you do. Christianity stands on Jesus Christ. He is the beginning (2 Corinthians 5:17), sustainer (Galatians 2:20) and the finisher and goal of the Christian (1 John 3:2). Jesus being the pivot of life was an irrefutable mark of the early church and it must not fade in this generation and beyond. Whatever the early church saw Jesus do was what they imitated strictly.


The object and pursuit for the Christian must be to be like Christ in every way till we exit the earth. The church must model Christ in every endeavour as the early church did. Acts 3:12-16, the person they projected in every deed was Jesus Christ and not themselves. The church today must have Christ as the ultimate focus.