In our attempt to understand the kingdom of heaven and its priceless value, there is the great need to look at some earthly kingdoms and the value attached thereof. Notable amongst these kingdoms are the United Kingdom, Ashanti Kingdom and many others. These humanly-oriented kingdoms are associated with great prestige and honour. However, the kingdom of heaven has a priceless value which can’t be likened or compared to these humanly made kingdoms. The kingdom of heaven is the most valuable thing man ought to seek for and it is more valuable than anything else one can have or a person must be willing to give up everything to obtain.

The man who found the treasure hidden in the field did it by accident but he knew its value when he found it. This immeasurable value caused him to purchase the field so he could have access to this treasure for free.

Again, the kingdom of God is likened to a pearl of great value. Upon the merchant finding it, he sold his all to get this great pearl. This tells how the Saviour has given His all for our salvation and so is expected of us to attain this Kingdom as a gift of God by seeking it first beyond anything.