The song writer says that, “Prayer, its value none can measure, it will bring you lasting treasure; present help and present pleasure, spend much time in (intercessory) prayer” (Emphasis mine). Intercessory prayers constitute a spiritual weapon that travels faster than any hypersonic missile, and it works more effectively and efficiently than the most ingenious artificial intelligence. Whenever the believer intercedes in prayer, he positions himself to influence every thought, mind and opinion that is inconsistent with the word of God.

As you intercede for all people, the Church, government, family, friends and loved ones, your prayers will work to bring about the desired results. It is important to note that one of the greatest advantages to the believer is intercession. The powers of darkness cannot stand it. When we intercede, we destroy the strongholds of the enemy and we bring their evil machinations to naught. No devil or power of darkness can withstand the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man. Indeed, it avails so much!

Dearly beloved, continue interceding for your church congregation, marriage, academics, job, children, future, finances, etc, and you will be amazed at the sheer results. Prison doors have been opened, chains have been broken down, and many souls have been won through intercessory prayers. You are just a decision away from experiencing a breakthrough and victory as you resolve to intercede.