The story about Naomi reveals several truths. Naomi was someone who had her fair share of pain and disappointments. After the loss of her husband and sons, she had gotten to the point of concluding that the Almighty had made her life bitter. She left her home country in search of greener pastures but came back empty handed. Even in her tragic circumstance, she had something to offer her young daughter-in-law who had clung to her.

This week, we shall consider the topic “The Ideal Mentor” with some practical lessons for our walk. It is very common for us to search for the most successful persons by our own definitions when we think about a mentor. We look out for the most charismatic preachers, accomplished entrepreneurs, learned people and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, our measure of success may be wrong. There are several simple people who have a lot to offer through mentoring. Some can share about their faithful walk with God irrespective of what they have been through, the mistakes that were very costly to them and other rich life experiences.

Do not look down on the people God has planted in your life because outwardly they do not meet your standards and expectations. Search a little deeper because you may be missing out on some real gems. If an individual’s life points to Christ, then there is a gain in associating with him/her. For this same reason, nobody must refuse the call to mentor the less mature in the Lord. You do not have to get it all in order to offer help.