God created you in His own image and likeness and endowed you with several capabilities. As a result, you are a composite being possessing several faculties. As a Christian, the glory the human race lost through Adam’s disobedience is being restored to you through the redemptive work of Christ. Christ is the complete image of the invisible God and in Him, you will discover how God really intends for you to be and to live.

In the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, we realize that He developed in a holistic manner. The Bible speaks about His physical development, that He grew in stature. Intellectually, the Bible says He grew in wisdom. The account of His favour before men is a witness to His social development and His favour before God is also a witness to His spiritual development. What characterizes the holistic Christian student is the communicable attributes of God appropriately reflected in his or her nature. Becoming
a holistic person is being able to attain complete growth in Christ and influencing every sphere of life. This can be achieved by coming to the knowledge of who God created you to be and then aspiring to reach your full potential.

The purpose of the new creature, who is God’s masterpiece, is to be able to perform all forms of good works that the Father has predestined (Ephesians 2:10). To be able to do these good works, there is the need for holistic development. Throughout this week, we will be looking at the topic “The holistic Christian Student’’: by taking a look at every aspect of the life of a Christian student and how they can be fully developed.