Helmets are very important in preserving lives. The helmet protects the head which contains the brain. Injury or damage to the brain can be very disastrous and fatal. As part of his tunic, the Roman soldier makes sure he always has his helmet on. He also carries a sword which he uses to battle the enemy.

The assurance of salvation is a great weapon of the believer. Due to this, the devil seeks to keep many people in the dark. His desire is to prevent genuine believers from knowing that they have been saved while he deceives professing Christians who are not really saved into thinking they have received salvation. The militant church needs to guard its mind against deception. The mind is the battlefield. It is the mind the devil seeks to take captive. The things we feed our minds with, in the long run, determine the kind of people we become. We must constantly feed our minds with the word of God and desist from watching movies and listening to songs that are ungodly.

The only offensive weapon, listed in the armour of God in our readings this week is the sword of the Spirit. This means that before the Christian can go out and attack, he must first be armed defensively. The sword of the Spirit is the word of God. The Lord Jesus defeated the devil with the word. The church militant must also use God’s word to overcome the enemy. We must read, study, meditate and practice the word of God