Daniel was in a difficult situation. He’d been exiled, taken from his home, and imprisoned in Babylon’s secular, idol-worshipping culture. Daniel’s name was changed to Belteshazzar. He was forced to speak Chaldean rather than his native Hebrew. His diet was also altered from familiar to foreign. Worse, they wished to change Daniel’s faith in the one true God.

Despite his circumstances, Daniel’s character was flawless. He was determined to serve his God. And he drew the king’s attention because he had a great spirit. This same Spirit indwells us. Hallelujah! There was something about Daniel’s demeanour that set him apart from everyone else.

Daniel’s work was extremely diligent, detailed, and dependable. If you gave Daniel a vacuum cleaner, I doubt he’d just vacuum the rug. He’d vacuum the sofa as well, getting in between the cracks to make sure everything was in order. In his relationship with God, he was also diligent and determined. Every day, he prayed three times. Daniel possessed an excellent spirit. We must endeavour to develop a robust relationship with God. We need the God factor in these critical times to be distinguished. When you have a spirit of excellence, it pervades all aspects of your life. You are very good at what you do. You do it with dedication. You study professionally.

The people sought ways to sabotage him but they couldn’t find anything to use against Daniel. You see, a spirit of excellence affects more than just your academics; it also affects your integrity. When you know you have been called by God, you live a life of honour, no matter what situation you are in.

Here on earth, you represent God’s kingdom. God grant me a spirit of excellence! May l emulate Daniel and my Jesus who is my master. May there be no secrets in your life, so that you can live a life of integrity and do no harm to the Kingdom. It’s time to take a look at your life. You must give your all to Jesus because the entire world is watching. You must not accept mediocrity or sloppy living. You have been anointed to rise above the mundane and live with a spirit of excellence.