One of the reasons why God had the rescue plan for Adam and his wife Eve was to also multiply them and fill the earth with their generations as families. Unfortunately, Abel whose essence and substance pleased God was painfully murdered. Cain would have been the obvious choice but because of the curse pronounced on him became a vagabond outside the family of God. The passage begins with the dangerous phrase … “Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of Eden. It was in that city that Cain knew his wife (who was an offspring of Adam and Eve- Gen. 4:17 Amp Bible). This agrees with Paul’s assertion that all the nations of the earth were made from one blood (Adam and Eve). Cain’s descendants would later become the daughters of men who were noted for all kinds of evil because they lived outside the presence of God.


Any family or generations that would desire to leave the presence of God would be prone to all kinds of evil and wickedness continually. The modern-day Cain families are those families that live devoid of the values and principles of the kingdom of God such as the fear of God, love for God and humanity, humility, faithfulness, and selflessness.


Are you living in a modern-day Cain family or about to start one?