One man of God once said;

“Our grandfathers lived on the fields  

And Our fathers lived in cities

We are living on laptops

And our children are living on laptops and smart phones

But the Church is still living on the fields.

Let’s also move to the smart phones and laptops.”

The Church over the years had focused on doing things the old way  as our fathers did. Our fathers who lived in cities and on fields did ‘Church’ that would fit the city and field they lived in. In this era, an  average person spends not less than 3 hours living on social media daily. If we continue to do services the usual way, we might end up  not reaching out to a lot of people who live ‘virtual’ lives.

Churches should begin to possess the entire social media space by holding live services on social media, sharing God’s word and sharing  short Christian videos and skits etc. By so doing, we can easily reach  out to the numerous people living their lives on the phones and laptops.