Prayer in a simplified term means communication with God. I define prayer as the act of exchanging your heart’s content with that of God. We usually pour out to God in prayer and this attitude must be cultivated in the hearts and minds of the family. Can you imagine Jesus being fully God praying before taking a decision to call His disciples?

How much more do you, a young parent with loads of responsibilities? Quiet time moments can be used to teach the family the right way to pray. A day in the week can be set aside for intercessory prayer; intercede for the family, the church, the nation and the world at large. Such prayer days can be used to pray for the peculiar needs of the family with regard to your family’s health, finances, the career path of children, education and the work of parents. Unsaved family members can be brought before God as well.

Couples should lay their hands on each other to pray for the other person. You as the parent too should lay hands on the rest of the family members to pronounce the blessings of God over them. Pray for the individual and collective infilling of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit with its gifts to operate in the family. Have tangible Holy Ghost services for your quiet time and the fear of God will rest on the family.