There are so many ways experts in many fields, including career counsellors and life coaches, take their clients through, by which they can discover their purposes in life. But from the reading today, you can see that discovering one’s purpose starts with an invitation from the Landowner.

In the parable, we see the Landowner moving out to hire or engage people to work for Him. God is revealed in the parable as the Landowner. He created you and as such seeks to help you do the very purpose for which He created you. A car manufacturer knows the ability of the car he builds since he fixed all the functions of every part of the vehicle. He does this for the purpose he seeks to use the car. He then connects the start of each part to the ignition part and makes a key for it. It is only the manufacturer’s key that can make the car move and bring all its functions into full operation.

Like the car manufacturer, it’s only God that holds the key to ignite you to the attainment of your full potential to serve your purpose since He created you and knows what ability and grace He combined to form you including your temperamental weaknesses.

What you need to do is to submit fully to Him and He will ignite you to purpose discovery and give you strength and grace to serve well in that assignment because without Him, you can do nothing (John 15:5). From the main text, the issue is that God started the invitation to help man discover his purpose early in the morning, but some refused to respond on time. However, his quest to persistently help man to discover his or her purpose made Him keep going out to invite or hire people even till the eleventh hour.