One particular incidence of disobedience that cannot be overlooked when talking about disobedience is that of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve’s relationship with God before their disobedience was an enviable one. The Bible tells us of how God created man, blessed him, placed him in the Garden of Eden and gave him dominion over the earth. He instructed them to eat of any other tree in the garden with the exception of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. However, as we read, Satan deceived them to eat of the tree. Their disobedience brought dire consequences not only to them, but to the entire human race both spiritually and physically, with the ultimate being death – man’s total separation from God.  But for the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, men would still be walking under the condemnation of sin.

Have you ever thought how one act of disobedience can affect your immediate family/society/generation? One thing about disobedience is that, often times the person who breaks God’s laws is not the only one who ends up paying the price. The choices that we make affect people around us either directly or indirectly.

For instance, though each one of us is responsible for our own sins, it is possible that the pattern of disobedience and its effects can transcend from one generation to the other; on the grounds that the younger generation tend to always learn the way of life of the older generation. May we not be bad examples to the generation that will come after us! Acts of disobedience of some Christian leaders at all levels have caused many to stumble in their Christian faith, and the implications of such cannot be over emphasized. Again, our disobedience to God can significantly affect our ability to even witness to others about Christ.