Music impacts character formation and choosing the right music has positive effects on the individual. All songs should be viewed with the sight of Philippians 4:8. Our hearts are filled with what we see and hear.

Singing is also a confession just as the Bible clearly states in Proverbs 18:21. We shall be justified or condemned by what we confess or the words we speak (Matthew 12:37). The child of God should not sing every song. We should always examine any kind of music we hear on the following:

1.         The lyrical content of the song: what message is the song carrying?

2.         The purpose: what is the intention of the composer? What behaviour is it promoting?

3.         The association: what comes to mind when the song is being played? Does it urge you to pray, challenge you to be responsible? Does it increase your sexual urge even though you may not be married?

4.         The emotions the music brings: does the music stir your positive or sinful feelings? Does the song increase your taste for alcohol, smoking, and violence?

Whatever music we enjoy should be tested if the message of the song is biblically true, the purpose of the song is noble, and if the song positions your heart on things which are right and pure, lovely and admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

Do not just enjoy songs because of the instrumentation, but because the songs are doctrinally sound, morally uplifting, and spiritually fulfilling.