EXPOSITION: The army is always considered a single unit; it is programmed to work together as one co-ordinated body. Immediately a person is enlisted into the army, they are given partners. This is what forms the squad. The squad is made up of about ten to fifteen people. Partners are to stand arm in arm watching and protecting one another even at the peril of their lives. The army never leaves a wounded soldier to bleed in an enemy’s territory. Even the dead are carried home and buried in dignity. To withdraw from a member of the army is to abandon them to the enemy. In our lesson today, we will consider the benefits of standing together as an army.

  It is said that the victory of any army is measured in its minimal casualty levels as well as defeat of the enemy. A true soldier does not only fight for their lives only but also those of their colleagues. Uriah was not happy to abandon his colleagues at the battlefield only to get himself gratified. He preferred to endure sleeping in the cold, like his colleagues, than the comfort of his room. Unfortunately, his colleagues did not reciprocate this commitment when he needed them most. He was pushed to enemy lines and abandoned to his fate at the command of the king.

He was murdered because his colleagues withdrew. Playing out David’s evil intentions meant that the timeless principle of standing together as an army was discarded. Divisions, factions and lack of sincere fellowship can be likened to withdrawal from the frontline of battle where our brethren are positioned. We can demonstrate togetherness as an army when we intercede for one another, share burdens and support one another. When the Church stands together as an army, victory becomes her reward.