Another issue plaguing this corrupt world, especially the youth, is sextortion. Sextortion is the use of actual or threatened force or fears to expose sexual images in order to make a person do something or for other reasons, such as revenge or humiliation. It is coined from a combination of sexual exploitation and coercion. Sextortion often happens online, usually on social networking sites, chats and mobile messaging apps. It often starts with sexting, which happens as parties exchange sexually explicit messages, pictures or movies on their phones or on social media chats. As Christians, we do not have to be found in this quagmire.

In this sex craze world, Christians must endeavour to uphold sexual integrity and not give leeway to the enemy to intimidate and extort them. The best way to avoid this scandal is self-discipline. Do not send nor solicit nude pictures or sexually explicit materials from anyone. Let us honour God with our bodies and present them as holy and acceptable in His sight. The youth today should be very careful and alert as the devil has a lot of schemes in this corrupt world to get us off track.