Health is complete well-being: physically, mentally and socially. In some definitions, spiritual well-being is added. The body is affected positively or negatively by what you put into it. Health can be described as good or bad. The engine of a new vehicle will soon run down if dirty oil is used for its oil change. This is synonymous to the human body being exposed to poisonous agents or dangerous infective organisms by the behaviour of an individual. How long one lives is sometimes determined by the quality of one’s health.

Christian youth must pay attention to their health in order to accomplish their goals on earth. When the body is weak or frail you will not be able to exercise the anointing effectively. Therefore, you must be careful of what you eat, drink or behaviour that exposes the body to ill-health. Some insults or damages to the body are not reversible and therefore one must be careful not to be a victim of such circumstances. Regular exercise, rest, a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and a stress-free lifestyle are some interventions to healthy living.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” (Proverbs 17:22). Anger, bitterness, strife and unforgiveness have negative effects on the body. We are stewards of our bodies and will account to God for what we did with our bodies.