A Christian youth is a young adult who possesses Christian or godly virtues which are very practical. Fashion is a form of self-expression at a particular period and place and in a specific context. Fashion includes clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture. It can also be a prevailing style of dress during a particular time. This simply means that fashion is trendy now and may become archaic the next moment and it is not limited just to what you wear but everything you wear on your body, that is your outward appearance. It pertains to everything on your body.

The kind of clothes you wear tells people a lot about you. You may not interact with anybody but what you wear from head to toe may tell people the kind of person you are. The Bible enjoins us not to let our adorning be external. In simple terms, our focus should not only be on how we look on the outside but should come from within.

In this post-modern world, different fashion trends are always popping up due to the availability of the internet. Different styles of clothes, hairstyles, shoes, bags and many more are emerging every day and if you are not careful, you may blindly follow all these things in order to feel accepted and impress people. Instead of considering how tight, short or provocative a dress may be, you may be tempted to just follow what is trending.

As a young Christian, you must look your best and be fashionable, but it must conform to your inner qualities. Your way of dressing must not cause people to have a wrong impression of you or harbour impure thoughts about you. Do not be the cause of someone’s downfall. You should not be overly concerned about the outward look but rather focus on dressing smart and looking good while being decent and respectable at the same time.