Our walk with Christ goes beyond the physical. It is therefore necessary that a Christian youth equips him/herself adequately to successfully stand against the strategies and deceits of the devil. This week we would be studying the full armor of God which has been made of the best materials for a Christian to stand firm until the second coming of Christ. Armour is a metal covering formally worn to protect the body in battle. Since our Christian journey is not all rosy but a battle we need to fight each day, taking up a spiritual covering would help us since our warfare is not carnal but against powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. This is not to scare us but rather keep us alert and also make us aware that our God is strong and therefore wants His ambassadors to be strong.

In a case of a military soldier preparing for battle, his/her armour is never left behind no matter the battle type, it is assumed that you could easily be attacked by your opponent (enemy) and therefore you need to be fully protected. This is the same for every Christian youth; one should be prepared always with the armour God has given us.

Come with me as we expound the various coverings in the “Full Armour of God” throughout this week.