Looking at the story closely, we noticed that Joseph and Mary did their very best as Jews to observe the Jewish feast of Passover which they celebrated every year. The Bible says it was their custom which they did year by year. It was during one of these festive periods that Jesus, when He was 12 years, joined His parents to Jerusalem. After the festival as they were returning home, they had made a day’s journey and they noticed that Jesus was not with them. What could have accounted for this seeming negligence on the part of the parents? Probably they were so engrossed with conversations and social interactions with family and friends that they forgot about Jesus, their son. They knew very well that they went with Jesus; however, they could not find him but assumed He was with them. The Bible says they went on a day’s journey before they realized Jesus was not in their company. Joseph and Mary took Jesus along for the Festival of the Passover but they forgot to carry Him along when they were returning.

As Christians, we pride ourselves on knowing and walking with Jesus, especially in our going out. However, the business of the day-to-day interactions and our dealings with fellow men most of the time portray that we have left Jesus behind. We forget Him in our basic and daily things in the way we speak and act. As Christians, sometimes when we need jobs, favour, promotion, or success in exams, we hold on strongly to Jesus but when we get there, we sometimes forget everything about Him, and tend to count on our intelligence. In the same way, we attend our conventions, crusades and Sunday services, we go with friends and families and as time goes on, we forget the essence of these programs. We become very familiar with the processes and practices so the one who is the reason for the season is forgotten.