Despite all the things Christ knew and the good things He did, He did not seek to be popular among men, yet still, He was known by many. He was concerned about pleasing God. This enabled Him to know the ways of the God who sent Him and did exactly as He was commanded.

When we are more concerned about the development and expansion of God’s work, He, in turn, brings us to the limelight without our effort. Our fame is not with men but with God.

There were times Jesus healed people and asked them to be silent about it, even though they went to spread the news. He approached His duties in a meek and gentle way as instructed by His Father in heaven and He was exalted.

On the other hand, some men of God seek to please men in their work rather than God. Subsequently, the work controls their actions, hence, revealing their human nature more than the nature of God in their call. Some have been swept away by pride and tend to boast about what they can do to draw men to themselves.

The Bible admonishes that by their fruits we shall know them. If believers focus on the qualities of the God who has called us to work and emulate, our fruits will confirm our nature, and God will approve and exalt us before all men. For it is Him we will give account to and not men whom we seek to be popular.