The scripture says in Hosea 4:6 that ‘My people are des]troyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge…’ therefore one of the surest ways of combatting Secular Humanism is getting knowledge about their activities. Study is very important in exposing the devil’s plans because deception equals mixture of truth and lies.

I personally wonder how Alice Bailey was able to establish herself in the United Nations with these ideas at the blind side of spirit-filled Christians. If we are not interested in things happening around us, we will wake up one day and see ourselves entangled in an embarrassing web.

Again, from today’s reading Apostle Jude admonishes Christians to be able to contend for the faith they have in Christ. This calls for Christian apologists full of the Spirit of God and the Word to rise against such hollow arguments.

Furthermore, Christians should be interested in political, social, legal and moral issues in the society in order to influence decision makings. Another response is formation of Christian advocacy groups that will be vigilant enough to spot wrong and demonic philosophies. Training schools or seminaries must have sound doctrines and right lecturers.

Dearly beloved, do you play the ostrich in matters of importance in the society? We can no longer sit at the fence to allow non-Christians to occupy the political and legal seats of our Nations. Let us arise and boldly contend for our faith in Christ. Combining the spiritual and social tools we can wage war against Secular Humanism.