Raising children is a God-given privilege which requires thorough preparation and commitment. In our communities today, it is easily noticeable that urbanization has brought with it many negative influences on children and youth. We can think of immorality on TV and radio, easy access to pornographic materials, and the use of alcohol and illicit drugs among others. Therefore, to successfully build a God-fearing family in today’s world, we must be patient, diligent, and understand some Biblical principles. Children are a gift and heritage from the Lord. This means that when we are privileged to receive them, we should raise and train them in a godly way.

If we can raise and train godly children and youth, then we must first and foremost show them some love. A child or youth should not be deprived of parental love. When the doors of the external environment are closed, they should find love in the home, and no parent should withhold love based on the disorderly conduct of their children. Secondly, they must be trained to know God. The great success of Samuel the prophet was because he knew God from his infancy.

Finally, respect and discipline are essential tools for success. To be disciplined is to train oneself to obey and live by good standards and principles, respecting the good norms of society and being diligent at everything that one does. Respect on the other hand is treating others with dignity. These are the values we have to instill in children and youth if we want to raise them up well. As a youth follow these timely tested values and your progress shall be evident to all!