The period we are in fits into the prophetic ‘Last days’. Many, if not all, of the signs that apostle Paul mentioned can be seen happening around us. The prophet Isaiah prophesied that it will be a period of thick darkness. The general society will be ‘dark’ in their attitudes and view of life.

Today, society endorses evil and calls those who embrace these evils as tolerant, open-minded, and civilized. World presidents meet to enact laws that encourage people to express their sexuality as they please or feel. If a man feels attracted to another man sexually or an animal, he should be allowed to express it without any societal criticism or inhibitions. The feelings and standards of the ‘self’ have been glorified above divine standards.

However, the good news is that Isaiah prophesied that it will also be marked by the experience of the glory and the light of God. “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the earth” (Habk. 2: 14). Now Christian activities have increased all over the world. Access to the word of God is much easier than it has ever been since the creation of the world.

In this maze of thick darkness and increased knowledge of the glory of God, how should the Christian live? The Bible gives the answer: have nothing to do with these evil doers but we should arise and shine in the midst of the darkness. Do not be interested in titles and yet deny the power.

Throughout the week, we will be looking at some of the challenges of contemporary society and the Christian response to these.