Corruption cannot stop unless we decide not to take or give bribes. Christians must translate what they profess to their practical daily living. As a Christian, you must dare to be different wherever you are. You can do this by making the Word of God the focal point in your thinking about corruption.

A scenario is narrated in Acts 8:14-24, where Simon, who was once a sorcerer, accepted the gospel. However, because he had not been transformed from within, he wanted to pay money in place for the gift of God. The answer he received should be the Christian answer when tempted with corruption: “May your money perish with you because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money.”

Many people are being bribed to deny justice, to cover mistakes, to siphon the public purse and a whole lot of things but Christians must say no to the canker of bribery. We as Christians must start developing virtues that represent Christ and bring glory to His name. It is a call not just to politicians, the police or the judiciary but a call to us all to amend our ways and do right by upholding the word of God in whatever situation we find ourselves in. It begins in the family and runs through social interactions.