The call of God is not free from trials and hard times. In the scriptures above you would notice that Abram encountered trials and hard times in his journey with God- the famine in the land of Bethel and the conflicts. Abram trusted God to provide for him and as such stayed under God’s direction to meet his needs in those hard times. He stayed true to himself and became resolute in his pursuit and God blessed him for acknowledging Him to be his source of wealth. Abram could have blamed God and returned but he went forward to Egypt where there was food trusting God to make a way and provide for him. From Egypt, the wealth of Abram and his nephew Lot grew and multiplied leading to a conflict between them. Abram didn’t complain but as a good example depending on God’s grace he allowed his nephew Lot to choose favourable the land he wants. This brought peace and afterwards God revealed himself to Abram.


 How would you assess your life since you became a believer? The life of a Christian is never easy. At times you wonder where God is to allow all these hard times. Paul gave an answer in 2 Corinthians 6:4-10. Just as Abram understood that the call of God comes with trials and hard times as elicited by Paul above, we need to embrace such situations as Abram did and move forward believing God to intervene.