When God called Abram, he moved out in faith to Canaan. God then established His covenant with Abram. God had an agenda which was to save the world from sin and give mankind hope again by building a family through His son Jesus Christ. To achieve this purpose, God needed a human to partner. Abram also had a need, the bareness of Sarai, his wife. God choosing Abram to fulfil His divine agenda, was also a means of answering Abram’s need for a child and a family. God saw in Abram a heart of devotion, a man of faith, a man who did not defile himself with the ways of his people but recognized only the Most High God as the one true God.

God chose Abram because his heart and mind were after Him. What do you have in your heart? What do you constantly desire and seek in your heart? God has so many divine agenda to fulfil on earth and requires prepared hearts and minds which seek after Him to use. Jeremiah 17:10 (HSB) says “I the Lord, examine the mind, I test the heart to give each according to his ways, according to what his actions deserve.” Abram passed God’s test and was called unto greatness. His problem of childlessness didn’t take him away from God but rather drew him more closely to Him. What you are going through as a Christian may be a test. In Spite of all your challenges, if you keep your heart and mind on Christ as Abram did, God will glorify himself through you. All that you are going through may just be preparing you for your divine assignment on earth.