Your perspectives about singleness can determine whether you can enjoy and maximize your premarital life or rush into any marriage. God, in seeking a suitable companion for man, mentioned a lack of an appropriate companion as a disadvantage of singleness. This however does not rule out the blessings that singleness provides for individuals. Many people focus on this lack and forget the many benefits that singleness gives. Adam went through a brief period of singleness during which God assigned him to work. He didn’t complain about his singleness because he was devoted to a worthy course. The premarital stage of life can be a blessing or otherwise depending on how well it is lived.

Apostle Paul chose to live a single life to outline some blessings and liberties of singlehood. He enjoyed undivided devotion to the Lord and his ministry. He had control over his time and activities without the feeling of being unfair to his spouse because of inability to spend quality time with her and he had no compulsion to please a wife. In the premarital stage be devoted to worthy activities that can improve your walk with the Lord and impart your life positively. Devotion to your spiritual life, academics, skills acquisition, work and building healthy relationships will help you to enjoy a better marital life in the future. If you feel lonely in your singleness, you must reflect on the things you have committed yourself to do.


Dear Lord, lead me into engaging myself profitably in my singlehood. #PossessingtheNations