Inspiration is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “the supernatural influence of the Spirit of God on the human mind, by which some prophets and apostles and sacred writers were qualified to set forth the Divine truth without any mixture of error.”

When we say the Bible is inspired, we believe that the Spirit of God led men to write the Bible. Every letter, word, sentence, punctuation in the original text was written under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Our reading for today tells us that ‘all Scripture is God-breathed/inspired by God’. This indicates that God breathed out the Scripture into His human writers. The emphasis is also on all Scripture and not some portions of Scripture.

However, this does not also imply that God dictated or took away the normal cognitive faculties of the human authors though it stresses a distinction from poetic inspiration which is based on natural or human instinct and not on divine guidance.

The divine inspiration of the Bible means that the Bible does not only contain the Word of God but it is the Word of God in its entirety. Jesus made many references to the Old Testament as He walked on the face of the earth thereby affirming that the Old Testament is the inspired Word of God.

As we study the Bible we must believe that it is God’s Word, hold onto it, and live by it.