The authority of the Bible is one that many have sought to question over the ages. The Bible speaks on matters of faith and morality. The Bible is accurate with respect to history and science. It also affirms cultural experiences and knowledge. Where the Bible comes into conflict with these, the stance of the Bible is final.

Issues of morality, which are being battled with and many who are trying to water down on the Bible in our generation have been clearly spoken about in the Bible and must not be compromised.

A typical example is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) movements which have the strong backing of many Western nations. The Bible in Romans 1:18-32 speaks of the judgment of God being revealed on all forms of unrighteousness which includes homosexuality.

Beloved, it is a known fact that scientists and archaeologists from time to time have had findings, many of which affirm and give evidence and credence to the Biblical stance.

In today’s readings, the psalmist describes the Word of God as perfect. It is only God’s Word (the Bible) which has the ability to make the foolish person wise. He also talks about God’s Word which is forever settled in heaven.

God’s created works do change, however, His Word is eternal. Hold on to the Word of God. Accept God’s Word as it is and live by it.