The Almighty God’s eyes searched through the entire universe looking for a holy vessel through whom the Messiah (the Son of the highest God) will be given to the world. The divine antenna and satellite of God fell on a dedicated Mary, a young Virgin who was from Levi’s descent.

The Angel’s greetings to Mary was a show of good faith and will from God towards her. Mary had found favour with God and through her, God’s plan for man’s salvation was going to be accomplished. Dear reader, in every generation there are remnants. Will you be a channel God could use to bless this generation? Sometimes you feel discouraged and want to live your life ordinarily like your friends because you think you are too odd among them.

God doesn’t choose ordinary people who live anyhow but special vessels who have set themselves apart for the Lord like Mary, in that, if the Lord’s favour needs a location, then it shall settle on them. As the Lord’s favour falls on you and you ask yourself ‘how will this be?’, the power of the Holy Spirit will overshadow you so the impossible can be possible.

Look up to God and not your weakness. God has a great task for you. Through you, great men and women of God shall spring forth. Agree with God and live a holy life wherever you find yourself, so you will be a perfect channel in God’s divine time.