I would like us to ponder over the lyrics of this hymnal written by

Ruth Adalyn Evilsizer:

In the arms of Jesus, I sweetly rest, And my soul reposes upon his breast;

As a tender mother her child cloth holds,

I am shelter’d in Jesus’ fold.


I am resting in Jesus’ arms,

And I fear not the world’s alarms;

Tho’ its storms assail me on ev’ry side,

In this refuge my soul shall hide.

See yourself in the arms of Jesus cuddling you to sleep in the midst of the turbulence around you. His arms are so sweet; they have an anaesthetic effect on the believer; such that you may be going through challenging times but its dire consequences are not felt. His precious arms offer you a lasting analgesic to shoulder the necessary pains of life and ministry. Rest in his ever-present arm ready to help you.