Many pray in tongues yet give up easily. Many set out with high ambition but give up in the face of a setback. Tenacity is the drive, self-belief and patience to persevere despite setbacks. Tenacity also implies the ability to not only withstand the impact of disappointment, but also grow from it.

The scripture reading tells an event in the days of Isaac. Isaac was blessed greatly by the Lord in a way that Abimelech, the king of Gerar, asked him to leave for he had become too powerful than them. May God do same with us in our days! Isaac carried out his activities with the wells his father’s servants had dug. Due to envy, the Philistines stopped the wells by filling them with sand. Isaac again dug the well that was stopped by the Philistines.

The herders of Gerar disputed with him and took the well. Isaac did not give up. He dug another well and the same dispute reoccurred. It must be disheartening to work on something and have it snatched from you.

Nevertheless, he was determined to own his own well so he did not give up but persevered. On the third try, none disputed again and it was named Rehoboth, meaning “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” This is an indication that when we persist, God will give us our lot. Yes, challenges may come but us we keep our eyes on the prize, we shall say Rehoboth, for God has made room for us in the land.

A contemporary example of such trait in a giant is Strive Masiyiwa, Zimbabwe’s first billionaire, who was the founder of Econet and a devout Christian. For the right to start his company, he had to fight the government. He persevered through 5 years of legal battles. This affected his business so much that his business could not afford to give visitors tea. Its services were launched after the 5-year legal battle and within a few months, Econet became the leading mobile telecoms company in the country!

Beloved, in your fight for success, “Rest if you must but do not quit!”