According to one of the meanings the English Dictionary Based on Wiktionary gives to setting, it refers to the time, place, and circumstance in which an activity or event takes place. For instance, most young Football lovers do visit live football televising centers to watch football matches on the TV. The venue where these football lovers converge to watch football matches could be their Setting. Therefore, to Take Over Your Setting for Christ, means that, when you the believer or Christian finds yourself at a particular place be it at the market, school, workplace, the football televising center, etc., you must endeavor to still uphold God’s principles of holiness, integrity, and faithfulness irrespective of the ungodly practices such as betting/gambling which may be happening right around you.

From our main text, in Dan.1:6, a group of four young Hebrew boys were found in the Setting of the Babylonian King’s palace where there was paganism and idolatry which the Babylonians including the King, Nebuchadnezzar practiced. These Hebrew boys were selected and brought to the palace to undergo a three-year training programme and become stewards at the palace upon their successful completion. These young Hebrews were offered portions of delicacies from the King’s table, however, they refused to enjoy the food and wine offered to them because these foods were dedicated to idols before being brought to them.

These lessons are useful

  1. Be vigilant and do not accept every offer, gift, or proposal. Always weigh and examine each of them before acceptance, as some are sources of temptations and traps.
  2. There will always be challenges and sometimes painful consequences when you decide to stand on your grounds for Christ, but do endure.
  3. Know that God honours and rewards faithfulness and integrity (Dan. 1: 15).