This morning, the Lord calls you to switch from the marketplace as a worker to the Vineyard. From the text, you can see that it is only those who worked in the Vineyard received the reward from the
Landowner. No matter how busy you might be at the marketplace, to the Lord, you are idle. Don’t die an idle man or woman in the sight of God. Don’t work for just that monthly salary; use your office or profession, and by extension, your life as a pulpit to direct many to the King (God) and His principles. It is by so doing that you will earn an eternal reward.

As a Pastor, there are certain people I might never meet in life because of my line of assignment in the Vineyard, but God has brought all these people to you because of the opportunity He has given you. Will you see them as clients or as an avenue to allow God to use you to touch their lives? If you do the latter, you will be working in the kingdom (and that is the purpose of God for your life). But if you do the former, you might be seen as the best in your field and earn good salaries with some prestige in this world, but you would have wasted all your time working in the marketplace.

Can you decide now? Yes, choose today. Discovering and serving your purpose in life is not all about the fivefold ministry but using every skill, ability, talent, expertise, opportunity, or influence, among others to
promote the Kingdom of God. Beloved, it is time to switch to serving God and His purpose for your life
rather than serving mammon. This morning, there is a wake-up call to be the extension of the kingdom
of God, by being salt and light in that corner, you find yourself. As you and I do that together, we shall possess the nation for the Lord.